24/7 auto sterilization

We are one of the only few certified and approved solution providers by the government that is based in Sabah.

SmartCoat™ is our most valuable sanitizing product, and we pride ourselves as the only authorized sole distributor and service provider of SmartCoat™ for East Malaysia.

Powered by advanced Japanese nano-coating technology, SmartCoat™ works by providing a layer of protective coating onto touchable surfaces. The coating in turn prevents the surfaces from future exposures to contaminants by providing a 24/7 self-sanitizing environment.

Bacteria, viruses (including COVID-19), mold, and fungi that comes into contact with the surface of the coating will be killed off and nulified automatically for 24/7. SmartCoat™ functions as long as there is a source of light (natural or artificial lights alike), which activates the nano-coating technology in the solution through a photocatalytic process.

SmartCoat Applications

SmartCoat Features

  • Effectively eliminates viruses and bacteria; H5N1, SARS, MRSA, HFMD, COVID-19

  • Efficiently absorbs unwanted/unpleasant odours

  • Prevents fungal growth and water stains on walls

  • Ecologically re-energizes the air

  • Brings volatile organic compounds (VOC) to almost ZERO in indoor environment


  • Reduction in maintenance and labour costs (i.e. cleaning, repainting)

  • More effective and safer than commercial sterilizers

  • Prevents “Sick Building Syndromes”

  • Reduces the risks of surface transmission of bacteria and viruses

  • Proven effective in reducing the spread of H1N1, HMFD, MRSA and COVID-19



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