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Vehicle Disinfection Services

Transportation disinfection:
an essential service

Transport plays an essential role in our daily lives. As schools, businesses, and community organizations provide services during the pandemic, consider ways that you can protect yourself and others around you to lower the exposure hazards that put people at risk of infection with an outbreak pathogen (such as COVID-19) when using any mode of transportation.

Our vehicle disinfection services cover all types of transportation, including:

  • Personal vehicles

  • Public transits (buses and trains)

  • Rideshares (taxis, limos for-hire)

  • Paratransit services

  • Delivery services

  • Aircraft (airplanes, helicopters, airships, gliders, paramotors, hot air balloons)

  • Maritime transport (boats, ships, ferries, sailboats, barges)

Protect yourself and your loved ones

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