Cleansing of the face and body are both important steps in our daily routine to get rid of dirt, sweat and dead skin cells that accumulate and build up throughout the day. It preps a clean canvas so that the benefits of other skincare products such as toners, moisturisers, and lotions can be absorbed efficiently.

There are sooo many cleansers available out there, each with different types of functions and ingredients!

It can get really overwhelming and confusing, so which one should you even choose?


1. Gentle cleansers are the way to go

There is no need for harsh cleansers with ingredients that will strip your skin off! Using them will cause more damage than good. Although it will effectively remove dirt, it also removes the moisturising oils that are naturally present in our skin as well. This will lead to overproduction of oil, clogged pores and breakouts.

It is healthier for your skin to opt for a more gentle cleanser without soap, sulfates or other harsh ingredients. They are equally as effective and will not damage your skin!

2. pH balanced

Let’s refresh on some science knowledge – pH is a scale that measures the acid-alkaline ratio of a substance (1 – most acidic, 7 – neutral, and 14 – most alkali).

The term "acid mantle" refers to a slightly acidic barrier film that sits on our skin and shields our skin from environmental pollutants and bacterial growth. The pH of this acid mantle should be maintained between 4.0 and 5.5.

It is important to choose a cleanser that is pH balanced, low pH or a neutral pH because a high pH cleanser will disrupt the skin’s acid mantle. Removing the natural protection will cause the skin to be more vulnerable to bacteria, inflammation, irritation, and other complexion issues.

3. Hydrating ingredients

Choose a face wash that is packed with hydrating ingredients. Washing your face can be drying. Using a cleanser that replenishes moisture back to your skin will prevent it from feeling tight and dry after every wash. This keeps your skin healthy and moisturised while also protecting and maintaining your skin barrier.

4. No fragrance for your delicate and sensitive skin

If you have sensitive skin, it is best to choose products that are fragrance-free, as fragrances have the potential to trigger allergic reactions, irritation and redness. Use a cleanser without fragrances to save your sensitive skin from unnecessary reactions.

It is crucial to choose the best cleanser for your face. If you are experiencing any skin issues right now, it may be time to take a closer look at the ingredients of the cleanser that you are currently using, since it might be the cause of your skin problems. Washing your face or body should be a comfortable experience; tight or dry skin after each wash is never normal.

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What our pharmacists recommend:

REMDII® Care Moisturising Cleanser hits all the four requirements – removes dirt, makeup and other impurities while leaving skin feeling soothed, soft and moisturized!

REMDII® Care Moisturising Cleanser 135ml

A moisturising cleanser formulated with fermented sugar-derived active and vitamin E for gentle cleansing on skin leaving it feeling soothed, soft and moisturised. Adjusted to skin’s healthy pH, this mild formulation is ideal to calm tight dry and sensitive skin, removing dirt and makeup while offering immediate and long-lasting moisturisation. This unique formulation endows a soft silky and smooth after-feel.

✔ Fermented sugar-derived actives for filmogenic and moisturising effect

✔ Natural oat-inspired actives to soothe and calm

✔ Mild and pH-balanced formulation

✔ Ideal for dry and sensitive skin

✔ Can be used with or without water

✔ Can be used on face or body

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